• A young woman gets her eyebrows microbladed at Lisa OM

    Pros and Cons of Microblading Your Eyebrows

    Microblading is one of the most popular beauty procedures that improve your eyebrows’ shape and appearance. As with any long-lasting procedure, there are pros and cons for every person, regardless of their facial structure. Although microblading can assist in creating your ideal natural fill that best fits your style, it is important to consider and …

  • Is Microblading Permanent? A Complete Guide to How Long Microblading Last 

    Women spend a lot of time and resources maintaining their beautiful eyebrows. Compared to other eyebrow enhancement methods, microblading offers a more long-lasting solution. So, how do you ensure that microblading lasts, and how long does it last? This article is a comprehensive guide on how to make microblading last.  Lisa OM is a professional …

  • How much can you make microblading?

    How Much Can You Make Microblading?

    Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that inserts pigments under the skin below your eyebrows to give you natural-looking eyebrows. Some people who have had microblading done often wonder what it might be like getting into the business themselves. Individuals willing to engage in microblading business should seek the necessary information to make their ventures fun …

  • steps involved in microblading

    What are the Steps Involved in Microblading?

    Applying makeup to your eyebrows might not give you your complete desired outcome, especially if you have thin, uneven, or sparse eyebrows. However, you can easily get perfect eyebrows without using pencils and gels, considering microblading and permanent makeup do not require daily application nor smear when being applied. This article discusses the: microblading process, …

  • What is Nano Brows and Nanoblading?

    You are probably aware of microblading, a popular technique for enhancing your eyebrows. But what about the new trend that could see the technique outdated? Maybe you have not. Nano brows, also called nanoblading, have seen a surge in popularity among enthusiastic people about fluffy, perfectly coiffed brows. Various outlets offer nanoblading services nationwide. However, …

  • How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

    Appropriately applied, eyeliner can give the appearance of thicker lashes and draw attention to the eye. It can change the shape of your eyes and create instant drama. But there is no question; eyeliner can be difficult to master. Because of this, the beauty industry has seen the increasing popularity of permanent eyeliner. With permanent …

  • How to Become a Certified and Licensed Microblading Artist?

    Thick and naturally looking eyebrows have been the desire of every woman looking to step up her facial game, leading to the rise of microblading as a profession that offers practical solutions to sparse brows. The procedure can also be used to create natural-looking brows, especially for people who underwent treatments such as chemotherapy or …

  • What is Permanent Makeup

    What is Permanent Makeup?

    Most people look for ways to cut their morning routines short so that they can get a few more minutes to relax in bed before starting the day. One simple way is to consider permanent makeup. However, most people still want to know, “What is permanent makeup?” At OM Studio, we have the answers. We …

  • Stylist doing a lip blush procedure on client

    Lip Blush Healing Process Day By Day Stages & Timeline

    Lip blushing is a permanent makeup (PMU) procedure that introduces a tint of desired lip color to your lips, corrects symmetry issues, and gives your lips more volume. It is one of the beauty secrets of the 21st century that saves you time for makeup and boosts your self-confidence. However, the lip blush healing process …

  • Stylist doing microblading procedure on client

    Microblading Healing Process Day by Day Overview

    Microblading is a tattooing procedure that uses pigmented incisions to achieve perfect and natural-looking brows. Since its “discovery” in the 2010s, the technique has become a widespread cosmetic secret that boosts people’s confidence. It also saves you time during your morning preparation because you don’t need pencil drawings or fillings. However, as the old saying …

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