HD Cryo Butt Lift

For those who dream of a smooth, tight, and sculpted rearview without the risks of surgery, the OM Design Academy in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex has the answer. In only a few sessions, you can see:

  • A decrease in cellulite
  • Slimmer contours on the inner and outer thighs and under the buttocks
  • A lifted, toned, rounded bottom

The OM Studio was founded by Lisa Om, a master in the craft of beauty treatments. She has studied under masters from all over the world and brings her knowledge and expertise to those in the U.S. who get to benefit from her skills.


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If you are ready to experience the freedom to wear shorts, form-fitting clothes, or a bathing suit again without worrying about cellulite or sagging, the Cryo HD Butt Lift may be for you. Our leading-edge non-surgical cryotherapy sculpting techniques can get you the high, rounded, firm butt you long for. Our non-invasive Cryo Butt Lift treatments can give you a lifted and tightened rear end without the risky side effects of surgical butt lifts.

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CryoSlimming safely and effectively uses thermal shock to naturally destroy fat cells without any damage to the skin. The Cryo T-Shock breaks down fat cells, which your body naturally flushes out through the bloodstream and then the lymphatic system in days to weeks following the treatment. It is a safe, painless and a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It is most similar to “Cool Sculpting” but is cheaper, painless and more effective.***

CryoToning helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production while tightening muscles.

Cryotherapy hyper stimulates the skin and tissue, greatly speeding up all cellular activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, the buttocks and other areas of the body can exhibit the ravages of time, pregnancy, inactivity, or weight changes. Even the most healthy and active will eventually notice that their buttocks have lost some of the natural curve and firmness that they had in years past. Cryotherapy can sculpt the area, remove fat, and reduce cellulite, giving the appearance of a tight, youthful butt. Some clients can see a fat reduction of 20-40% in the treated area.

This may vary from person to person, and depends upon a number of factors. On average, it can take 2-3 treatments over several weeks. In your initial consultation in our Dallas location, we’ll help customize a plan that takes your goals, age, activity, weight, and lifestyle into consideration. Our goal is to help you achieve the results you want safely and effectively.

Each person is unique, so the answer could vary by individual. Several factors such as lifestyle, age, skin type, activity level, and diet could affect the results and duration. Most clients will enjoy the results for up to three years. However, some clients have been satisfied with the results for up to four years.

Ideally, patients will be at or near their optimal body weight. They are committed to a healthy lifestyle and have realistic expectations about the results. Those between the ages of 25 and 55 are most likely to experience the best results, although that can vary with the individual. If you want to know if you are a good candidate, visit us at Om Design Academy for a consultation.


The Cryo HD Butt Lift enhances your natural assets by lifting, tightening, shaping, and toning your butt without invasive or dangerous surgery. It can remove unwanted fat, tighten the skin, reduce cellulite, and sculpt the area the create a fuller-looking bottom. It involves alternating between two minutes of heat then a gradual decrease to -8° F. By cycling between heat and cold, cryotherapy destroys the unwanted fat cells and increase collagen production for the skin tightening and toning effect.

The typical session takes approximately half an hour. First, we’ll apply a gel pad to protect the skin, then we’ll apply the Cryo HD device over the area. A mild vacuum action is used to pull the skin into the applicator. As the temperature is lowered, it crystallizes the fat cells. After the treatment, we’ll ask you to drink plenty of water and continue your healthy diet and exercise routine.

You will not walk out of the treatment with the finished results. The crystallization of the fat cells destroys them, then it takes approximately 6-8 weeks before the body flushes them out. That’s why there is some time in between treatments to assess progress and fine-tune the treatment plan based on results. As you continue your normal routine, you’ll continue to notice effects over time.

The non-surgical procedure eliminates the dangerous side effects of a traditional surgical butt lift. Our technique also eliminates the risk of shelving, which is an indentation around the treatment area. While you may experience a slight pinching sensation during treatment, it is generally not painful or uncomfortable. After treatment, you may experience some swelling, sensitivity, and bruising.
Not only are there few side effects, but there are a great number of benefits to undergoing the non-surgical Cryo HD Butt Lift. Aside from a younger-looking, rounded bottom, the benefits include:

  • No downtime
  • No drugs
  • No general anesthesia
  • No scars
  • No surgical complications
  • No need to take time off work

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