What is Nano Brows and Nanoblading?

Updated: March 13, 2024

You are probably aware of microblading, a popular technique for enhancing your eyebrows. But what about the new trend that could see the technique outdated? Maybe you have not. Nano brows, also called nanoblading, have seen a surge in popularity among enthusiastic people about fluffy, perfectly coiffed brows.

Various outlets offer nanoblading services nationwide. However, if you are looking for a more appealing, longer-lasting, suitable-for-oily, and scarred skin. In that case, Lisa Om Design Studio & Academy is your new solution for high-maintenance eyebrows.

Want a fuller, darker-colored, semi-permanent technique that will give your eyebrows the shape and color you desire? Here is everything to know about nanoblading.

What are Nano Brows?

Nano brows are the end products of the nanoblading procedure, which resembles a semi-permanent tattoo that gives you full, fluffy-looking eyebrows. Nanoblading fills in scarce and thin eyebrows, giving your eyebrows a thicker appealing look. Nano brows not only thicken and change the shape of your eyebrows but are also tolerant to sweat and water.

What is the Difference Between Nano Brows and Microblading?

Nano brows and microblading give you fine, natural-looking hair strokes that you don’t have to worry about when sweating or in water. Nano brows are achieved using a single-needle tattoo machine that delivers ink slightly deeper into the skin. On the other hand, microblading is performed using several needles, which delivers ink somewhat shallower in the skin than nanoblading.

While microblading lasts for approximately one year, nanoblading maintains thicker eyebrows for about three years. Besides, if you have oily skin, microblading may serve you for a lesser duration than you anticipate. Undoubtedly, nanoblading would be an ideal choice for you. 

What is the Nano Brow Procedure Like?

Do you want to know where to start? It is easy. It all begins with a simple consultation with your technician to discuss your desired shape and color. Next, you map the shape until you get the ideal shape for your eyebrows.

At Lisa Om, we always focus on giving the best look you desire. Therefore, we will engage in an in-depth consultation with you to understand your needs. This way, we can let you know if there is anything that can impact the desired results and how long the procedure can take. 

What is the Nanoblading Healing Process?

It takes around 6-8 weeks for the healing process to complete. While this is the approximate duration for the underneath skin to heal, the surface skin can take a shorter period. Nonetheless, you cannot get a touch until the underneath skin heals completely. 

The healing process involves several phases, including:

  • Phase 1. In the first two days after treatment, your eyebrows will look too dark.
  • Phase 2. On days 3-7, your eyebrows will be covered with a scabby film.
  • Phase 3. Between days 7 and 12, the scabs may start peeling off in one or two cycles.
  • Phase 4. From day 12 onwards, the surface of your skin has healed. 

Lisa Om offers the best aftercare guidelines to facilitate fast healing of the underlying skin from any place nationwide.

How Long do Nano Brows Last?

Already wonder how long it can take before you re-do nano needling eyebrows? That should not worry you much. You can expect your nano brows to remain dark and fluffy for around 1.5-2.5 years. However, if you trust Lisa Om to take care of your nanoblading, your nano brows can last longer.

Nanoblading vs. Microblading: Which is Right for Me?

Nanoblading is similar to microblading, so if you are already familiar with the latter, you should be better positioned to know what to expect. The main difference is that nanoblading uses a finer single needle while microblading uses several needles.

In addition, nanoblading single needles cause less pain and bleeding than microblading. Depending on your needs, lifestyle, and skin nature, you can consult makeup artists to know the technique that fits you best.

Start Your Permanent Makeup Artist Career Today!

Do you want to achieve darker eyebrows but don’t know what nanoblading is? If you are already familiar with microblading, you already have an idea about nano brows. Consult your beauty technician about the nanoblading procedure and healing process to get your desired nano brows.

However, suppose you aspire to begin your permanent makeup artist career today in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or nationwide. In that case, Lisa Om Design Studio & Academy is here for you. We have unrivaled educational courses which are offered online.

Contact us today to get your desired nano brows and learn more about our professional nanoblading certification courses.

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