Skincare encompasses many different services and careers. It takes special training to become a skincare specialist, and now is the time to dive in with the industry looking to increase jobs by 17% over the next 10 years, according to the BLS. The Dallas-Fort Worth area alone employs over 1800 skincare specialists, with room to grow. If you plan on joining this elite group of aestheticians and medical personnel, you may benefit from becoming certified in cosmetic paramedical Micropigmentation.

What Is Cosmetic Paramedical Micropigmentation?

Cosmetic paramedical micropigmentation is also commonly referred to as medical tattooing or PMP. In many cases, it is tattooing designed to look like natural skin or coloring to achieve the desired look. The Dallas-Fort Worth area where OM Design Academy is located is also home to many hospitals with patients seeking post-treatment aesthetic assistance, but there are a variety of reasons a client may seek out paramedical micropigmentation services:

  • Hiding scars: From stretch marks to acne to injury, there are many reasons a person may have scars on their body. CPM assists in camouflaging and hiding such scars so they are less noticeable to the eye, giving patients increased confidence.
  • Restoring hairline appearance: Both men and women may having thinning hair or a receding hairline. Scalp pigmentation aids in restoring the look of the natural hairline.
  • Reconstructing areolas: When surgical alterations are made to the breast area, patients may lose their natural areolas. Areola reconstruction includes CPM for a realistic look that helps instill confidence in patients once again.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Trained in PMP?

Although PMP is a non-invasive treatment, it is still essential to be properly trained in the process so that your results look not only professional but also natural. Clients are more likely to look for skincare specialists with certified training from a renowned academy.

In addition, when you undergo any schooling for cosmetic skin services, a quality academy provides hands-on learning and diligent instructors who ensure the quality of your training. You may benefit from professional CPM training in the following ways:

  • Receive guided, hands-on instruction: Whatever training course you choose, our instructors oversee your training with detail and ensure you meet the OM standard.
  • Expand services for your clients: After receiving your certification, you can add CPM to your list of aesthetic services, in addition to your other offerings.
  • Remain competitive for future positions: For salons or clinics that are looking for professional licensing and certification, you may stand out at the top of the list of qualified candidates.

What Can Training at OM Design Studio Do for You?

At OM Design Academy, we offer much more than OMD Studio microblading services. You can expect the following when getting certified for cosmetic paramedical micropigmentation with us:

  • Online and live courses – we offer both so you don’t have to travel far to get the training you need.
  • Comprehensive instruction – we cover everything you need to know about performing CPM safely and effectively.
  • Licensing and regulations by the state – find out what your state requires to become fully licensed.
  • Quick access to supplies and more – find everything you need for a professional setup, from shaping kits to shading pens and beyond.

OM Design Academy features lessons and guidance from world-class artist Lisa Om. To learn more about our many course offerings in Dallas and beyond, contact us today at 214-940-0090. Our next courses are starting soon, so don’t delay; reserve a spot today!

Featured Image: HBRH / Shutterstock