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Beauty Marks + Freckle Tattoos in Dallas, TX

Beauty Mark adds sophistication and class to a face. Beauty marks have been seen on many high statues beautiful women and have been adored by men for their unique and uncommon nature. Micropigmentation has changed the game and now you are able to get a semi-permanent makeup procedure of the iconic symbol of beauty and not have to worry about it smearing, fading or washing off.

We’ve all been there, green with envy over those cute freckled nose girls and boys! Freckle tattoos work just like any other tattoo, whereby pigment is deposited below the skin.

A beauty mark is a tattoo that looks like natural freckles. Beauty specialists make these tattoos on your cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, or chin. These tattoo freckles serve one main purpose. They give you an attractive, sun-kissed, and youthful appearance. 

Some people use these tattoo freckles to hide imperfections on their faces. Some of the blemishes that you can conceal with your beauty mark tattoos include uneven skin tone and unsightly acne spots.

Unlike normal tattoos, beauty marks are mostly semi-permanent. The freckles last for around three years as they are created by the pigment also used in microblading. After they fade, you can get new beauty marks from your artist at LISA OM.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Freckle Tattoo?

A tattoo artist can take up to two hours to draw beauty marks. However, this duration depends on the speed and experience of your artist. By going with an experienced artist at LISA OM, you can rest assured knowing your freckle tattoo won’t just be done in record time, but with quality to match.

A less experienced artist may take a little longer to work on your tattoo. Besides the artist’s experience, the timeframe of getting your beauty mark tattoo done depends on the following:

  • The amount of freckle dots. If you need a larger portion of your face done, this will usually take more time. However, if you need a few, the artist will get you the results in minutes. 
  • Color of the freckles. Your tattoo artist will take longer if they need different pigments to achieve a shade that matches your skin tone. However, artists only need a few minutes if they use fewer pigments.

How to Prepare for a Beauty Mark Tattoo

There are several ways to prepare for your beauty mark tattoo. For one, you need to look for a reputable tattoo artist. The best mind will help you achieve your desired beauty goals while avoiding complications. 

As a rule, the artist of your choice should have a portfolio that shows their competence in cosmetic tattooing. Moreover, the artist should have the right licenses, indicating they are qualified to offer this service.

On the day of the appointment, clean your face thoroughly. Make sure you remove your concealer, eye shadow, and blush. With clean facial skin, your artist will have an easy time drawing the freckle tattoos. If you have any questions, please Contact Us further. 

What to Expect After a Freckle Tattoo

You might experience swelling and temporary redness a few minutes after the procedure. These mild side effects will disappear on their own. Furthermore, your tattoo freckles will appear darker or redder than expected.

As healing progresses, the redder or darker colors will fade and give way to a more natural appearance. After complete recovery, your face will get a beautiful enhancement of natural-looking beauty marks.

How Long Does it Take a Beauty Mark Tattoo to Heal?

Your beauty mark tattoo will heal within two weeks. The tattoo freckles heal faster because they involve tiny punctures. Note that the recovery time frame might vary from one individual to the other.

For instance, tattoo enthusiasts with sensitive skin may take a little longer to heal. Likewise, people who follow recommended skin care instructions usually recover more quickly than those who do not.

Can I Still Wear Makeup After Getting a Freckle Tattoo?

Before healing, tattoo artists recommend avoiding makeup; makeup can irritate the tattooed skin. Moreover, wearing makeup can increase the risk of infection of newly tattooed skin.

After the freckled tattoo is healed, you can apply makeup as you wish. Light coverage foundations are excellent options, as they allow the beauty of the tattoo to shine through. In contrast, a medium to heavy coverage foundation could cover up the tattoo freckles.

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