Classic vs Winged Eyeliner: The Ultimate Guide

Classic vs Winged Eyeliner

When looking for the right eyeliner style, it is not uncommon to face a tricky moment when deciding between classic and winged makeup eyeliner. The two styles help add depth to your lash line, giving you a more polished appearance.

Even with the similarities, classic eyeliner has a couple of differences with the wing Liner. Learn the differences between the two eyeliner styles from LISA OM, Dallas’ leading permanent makeup artist, to choose the ideal style.

What is Classic Eyeliner?

A classic eyeliner focuses on simplicity to bring the best out of your style. This eyeliner style defines the lash line subtly, with a thin line on the upper eyelid. Sometimes, the line can be slightly thicker for a more pronounced effect.

The classic eyeliner pairs well with most eye shapes. However, LISA OM recommends the classic eyeliner to clients with almond and oval-shaped eyes. The eyeliner helps enhance the eye’s natural curve, making it appear more pretty.

Furthermore, the classic eyeliner is an ideal fit for clients who adore simplicity in makeup application. Unlike the different types of winged makeup eyeliner, classic eyeliner provides just enough definition to polish up your facial appearance.

Beyond eye shape and simplicity, many clients choose classic eyeliner as it fits all occasions. Whether on a casual day out or in a professional setting, the classic eyeliner enhances your beauty without looking so dramatic.

What is Winged Eyeliner?

The winged eyeliner got its name from its characteristic shape. It enhances the beauty of your eyes with a distinctive wing-shaped definition. Typically, the wing liner starts as a thin line near the inner corner of your eye. It gradually thickens towards the outer corner of the eye.

Depending on your desired overall effect, the wing shape can vary in length and angle. For instance, some clients prefer a subtle flick for an understated glamor. Others like the wing shape to be more dramatic and bold.

There are other types of winged eyeliner you might consider. These include reverse cat eyelashes and classic wings. Your beauty artist in Dallas will help you choose the ideal style, whether a winged eyeliner or cat eye.

The wing liner goes well with clients with upturned or downturned eyes. For upturned eyes, the winged makeup enhances the eye’s natural shape, adding a touch of elegance. Likewise, the winged permanent eyeliner gives downturned eyes an uplifted, youthful appearance.

While anyone can apply the different types of winged eyeliner, it is perfect for those who don’t mind making a statement. The makeup’s dramatic and bold flair draws attention instantly. No wonder wing liners are a favorite for public figures like Ariana Grande, Serena Gomez, and Taylor Swift.

Unlike classic eyeliner, the wing liner is ideal for clients whose lifestyle revolves around social events. In such settings, the wing eyeliner will make you stand out and leave a long-lasting impression.

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A superficial grasp of classic and winged eyeliner styles isn’t enough to help you choose the right style. You have to factor in things like compatibility with other makeup styles. For this reason, it matters to involve a knowledgeable artist when making this beauty decision.

When making decisions about permanent makeup, LISA OM is the expert you can trust. We have extensive knowledge of all forms of permanent makeup. Count on us, and we will help you choose an eyeliner style that suits your style, eye size, and complexion.

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