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What if you could wake up every morning with flawlessly shaped, beautifully defined eyebrows? Not only could you spend less time getting ready, but you would look gorgeously put-together even on your makeup-free days. 

Brow henna is a simple, painless method for temporarily tinting your eyebrows, giving them a subtle color boost and natural-looking shape. Instead of using brow pencils, powders, or gels to add color and definition to your brows, the henna brow stain keeps your brows looking fabulous 24/7. 

Lisa Om Studio & Academy has a team of eyebrows experts providing professional henna brows in Dallas at our beauty studio. Your personal brow expert will evaluate your eyebrow and face shape, hair color, and ideal look to create your perfect brows using henna dye. The result? Stunning eyebrows that highlight your natural features and enhance your beauty. If you have any more questions, please Contact Us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Henna dye has been used for thousands of years and is best known for creating temporary tattoos and body art. It is an all-natural, long-lasting stain that is 100% plant-derived and vegan, with no harmful chemicals like ammonia or lead. The stain temporarily colors the skin directly beneath your brow hairs, adding an illusion of fullness, depth, and definition by filling in any sparse areas.

Because the process for brow henna doesn’t require hydrogen peroxide, it’s a great option for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. Today, the henna used for brows is formulated to match a wide variety of hair colors and tones so that you can find the perfect shade for natural-looking eyebrows.

The henna brow process only takes about 30 minutes, in addition to your consultation with the brow artist. You can expect a quick, simple, and pain-free experience, with immediate results:

  • First, your brow artist will use waxing and tweezing to create your preferred brow shape. They may talk to you about brow arch, length, and other factors, then help you determine the shape that will best accentuate your features. 

  • After your brow line’s shape has been decided, the brow artist will choose the henna shade that most closely resembles your natural brow color.

  • The henna powder is mixed with demineralized water, which creates a thick paste that can be applied with precision.

  • Finally, your brow artist carefully applies the henna paste through the sculpted shape of your eyebrows. Typically, the color is less intense at the brow’s beginning, then slightly darker in the arch and tail to create a subtle ombre effect. The henna then soaks into your skin for about 10 to 15 minutes total.

  • Once the process is complete, the dye will be gently wiped off of your skin, and your beautiful brows will be revealed!

There are plenty of reasons that brow henna has become one of the hottest beauty trends, especially among celebrities and beauty influencers. Here are just a few of the perks you can look forward to:

  • Forget the painstaking process of filling in your brows every morning – and the expense of constantly trying new brow products – henna brows will change your routine for the better. 

  • Instead of dealing with the frustration of lopsided, sparse, or graying brows, you can have a perfectly filled-in look with absolutely no effort.

  • You can easily skip makeup in the morning for a fresh-faced look, and your henna brows will ensure that you always look put together.

  • Henna brows can be a good way to test out a certain brow shape before committing to a more permanent procedure.

Your new henna brows will last up to 4 weeks, with some variation depending on your skin type, skincare routine, and natural brow hairs. Many of our clients schedule appointments every three weeks or so, to keep their brows looking fresh.

Are you ready to enjoy the beautiful benefits of henna brows? Make sure you trust your brows to the very best by coming to the expert team at Lisa Om Studio & Academy.

Our brow artists have the skill and training to create beautiful brows that are perfectly suited to you, accenting your best features. When you’re searching for Dallas brow studios, there’s no question that you’ll have plenty of options – but none quite like Lisa Om Studio & Academy. Our team helps countless clients achieve perfect brows every day, but our expertise has made us the go-to source for professional cosmetic courses in Dallas.

Brows have the power to make or break your look – don’t you think it’s time to see a brow henna professional? Contact Lisa Om Studio & Academy to schedule an appointment for henna eyebrows in Dallas today.

Henna brow tinting is a semi-permanent eyebrow coloring treatment that can last up to 6 weeks. Henna brow tinting is an excellent alternative for those who have allergies or sensitivities to traditional dyes, as it uses a natural dye extracted from plant sources such as henna leaves and indigo. The results of the treatment are long-lasting yet gentle, and can give the brows a natural tint while creating the illusion of fuller, thicker eyebrows.

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