What are the Steps Involved in Microblading?

steps involved in microblading

Applying makeup to your eyebrows might not give you your complete desired outcome, especially if you have thin, uneven, or sparse eyebrows. However, you can easily get perfect eyebrows without using pencils and gels, considering microblading and permanent makeup do not require daily application nor smear when being applied. This article discusses the: microblading process, microblading courses, and where to learn these courses in the US.

LISA OM’s studio is the place to get the best microblading services that guarantee perfect eyebrow style, shape, and color that flawlessly compliments your face, eye shape, and desired look. 

Microblading Process

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique where a group of inline needles is dipped in pigments and implanted through the skin, creating a hair-like line on your eyebrows. The cost of microblading is approximately $500 to $2000. However, this might vary depending on your location and the beautician’s qualifications. Some of the steps involved in the microblading process include:

  • Consultations 

Find a qualified beautician who has undergone PMU training once you decide to have microblading done. When visiting your beautician, make up your eyebrows as you normally do or how you would want them to look after microblading to give them an idea of what you like.

Your beautician analyzes your natural eyebrows and gives you a chance to try out different styles to select the look that suits you most.

  • Measurements

In this step, beauticians use special tools such as rulers and calipers to take measurements that ensure evenness in positioning your new brows. Beauticians might recommend and discuss the best shapes that suit your face and that match your natural brows shape.

  • Outlining and drawing with a pencil

This step involves drawing a rough sketch of the agreed shape and finishing using a pencil. The sketch should not worry you as it is only meant to give an idea of the shape and positioning of your eyebrow before microblading. If the shape does not please you, it can be redrawn.

Once the drawing is done accurately, beauticians do the eyebrows outlining using pigments since the numbing cream can remove the pencil markings making it difficult to do the actual microblading accurately.

  • Mixing and matching colors

Matching and mixing colors is essential to microblading, as it can be frustrating to have eyebrows that do not match your skin tone. This step entails mixing all the chosen colors and confirming them to ensure they complement your hair color and natural skin tone. 

  • Numbing

Microblading involves making cuts on the skin, so we apply numbing cream on the eyebrow skin to act as an anesthetic to keep you feeling comfortable. Numbing creams take approximately ten minutes to work and might be applied once or several times depending on many factors, such as skin sensitivity.

  • Microblading

Microblading is the most significant part of the process that needs to be performed by a qualified beautician with PMU training as it is detailed and can take up to 2 hours. First, it involves implanting small hair-like strokes of pigments into the eyebrows’ skin using special microblade tools. These tools have tiny needles that apply the pigments. Next, your beautician adds pigments depending on the shape and positioning of your eyebrows.

After this process, the skin on your eyebrows might feel swollen and red due to the cutting. However, this does not take long as it disappears after some hours. 

  • Healing

After the microblading process, your beautician provides you with aftercare instructions to ensure proper color absorption and prevent it from washing out. When the wound is healing, your skin might feel itchy; avoid rubbing or scratching to maintain outstanding eyebrow results.

Clients are also provided with aftercare creams or oils to apply to the treated area for fast healing. Your eyebrows might become light or faded, as it is also a part of the healing process.

  • Top up sessions

The second session of microblading is done from six to eight weeks after the initial treatment and is known as a top up session. Your aesthetician analyzes the process to determine whether the whole microblading process was effective and will advise you accordingly. The feeling of having perfect eyebrows is amazing. Unfortunately, microblading is not for everyone, especially people with health issues such as blood disorders, diabetes, and circulatory disorders. Microblading is also not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Learning Microblading from Leading Industry Professionals

Are you looking to learn microblading and shading to become a certified artist in the US? OM Academy allows you to learn directly from the world-renowned master trainer LISA OM. We offer live and online training classes where students learn and practice the state art of microblading. Some of the microblading courses we offer include:

  • Microblading and Shading Training Course

This two-day training course costs from $500 to $3500. Classes begin from 10:00a.m to 5:00 p.m., but there are 10-minute breaks throughout the course and a one-hour lunch break. The locations for microblading and shading live courses are announced one week before the course start date, where students are required to dress all black and in closed-toe shoes.

  • Online Microblading and Shading Training Course

This six-month online training course costs $950 to $1650. This course has 20 levels with 30 lessons. Ensure you meet all the requirements when registering since students are only granted online access once they register. 

OM Academy offers various courses, allowing you to choose any, depending on your location. Get in touch with us for more information, especially class requirements, our curriculum, and available classes depending on the location.

Join OM Academy and Get Certified

Our OM Academy is one of the most trusted and recognized microblading & PMU academies in the US. Our courses and services are highly affordable and accessible, considering we are located in multiple locations, such as Los Angeles and Dallas. Contact us for information on our microblading academy and schedule permanent eyebrow services.

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