Microblading Salary: How Much Does a Microblading Technician Make?

How much can you make microblading?

Updated: May 13, 2024

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that inserts pigments under the skin below your eyebrows to give you natural-looking eyebrows. Some people who have had microblading done often wonder what it might be like getting into the business themselves. Individuals willing to engage in microblading business should seek the necessary information to make their ventures fun and fruitful, especially if they love beauty and cosmetology.

This article shares some insights on how much you can earn as a microblading technician, factors that affect how much you make, and where to learn microblading courses.

How Much Can You Expect to Make as a Microblading Technician

Microblading is a beauty service that has recently gained popularity, increasing its demand. Over the past few years, few people have been involved in microblading, making the competition less. However, raising awareness about microblading has led to the tremendous growth of the service, increasing the number of microblading artists across the United States. This, in return, has made the microblading business highly competitive.

Microblading is not cheap; the cost varies depending on the location and the aesthetician’s experience. The cost of microblading ranges from $600 to $900. It takes two to three hours to complete a micro-needling procedure, which implies you can earn $300 to $450 per hour.

Factors Affecting a Microblading Salary

Providing a fixed microblading price is challenging due to several factors influencing how much the artist charges for the services. The following are some main factors that affect the final microblading price:


The place you establish your microblading beauty parlor highly affects the average cost you charge for the service. Artists in major cities and metropolitan areas are likely to charge high service prices due to the high cost of living in urban centers. In most cases, artists located in high-end places like main city centers are likely to charge even higher prices due to the high rent fees. Fortunately, these artists are also expected to have more clients due to the high population.

Conversely, artists in smaller cities or towns where the cost of living is generally low are likely to charge considerably low prices unless they work in a fancy salon. Conversely, they tend to charge high fees in areas with few artists and increased demand for microblading services.

Material and Location Cost

The tools and materials used in microblading work in the same way. However, their quality might have an impact on the results. Artists using accurate tools and high-quality pigments provide satisfying microblading results at a higher cost.

Location cost is the normal fee that comes with owning a small business or any cost associated with your business location. Addressing this fee can be done by paying a certain amount of money every week or month to perform your services or giving a small percentage of the collected cash per microblading service. However, if you are working alone, it might affect your income since you must cater to all the costs alone.

Time Working and Experience

Experience has an impact on how much an artist makes. Experienced technicians charge higher prices than less experienced ones because they have advanced and acquired more knowledge, have dealt with many different skin types, and have created more shapes to accommodate various facial features.

In addition, people who have taken microblading courses and have high education levels might charge more fees based on their skills and efforts. They might also have a well-detailed portfolio that displays different works and styles.

Artists make money per appointment; thus, new artists might earn less as they may not have many clients. However, patience is key to the business, as with time, they will be making like pros once they win client confidence and build their brands.


In the microblading business, you must offer clients high-quality services to please them to be return clients. With a good clientele base, you are guaranteed to serve clients daily.

Learn Microblading from Leading Industry Professionals

OM Academy is among the most recognized and trusted Microblading & PMU Academies in the United States. We offer online and live training courses with the highest quality of education using the state of the art equipment and products.

OM Academy offers various live training courses depending on the location. We have live training courses in Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, and Los Angeles. All you have to do is click one of these locations and select your most preferred microblading course. For Instance, Chicago offers Microblading & Shading, Ombre Powder Brows, and PMU Lip Blush live training courses. Again, you must click the location to view and select the course you want to study.

We also offer Microblading and Shading online training courses if you prefer learning online. We provide tutorials that show how our training is planned and allow students to submit their work. Each student has to attain the OM standards to get a certificate. Our online courses are unique such that one has a silver package where we provide basic online training access. In contrast, the other has a platinum package with premium online training access.

At Lisa OM Academy, we offer many microblading courses. Get in touch with us for more information on our courses and requirements.

Join OM Academy and Get Certified
Are you ready to create your beauty empire? If yes, join our OM Academy to learn, become certified, and get the skills required to start a successful, high-earning microblading business. Lisa OM has a studio with qualified and licensed artists to offer the best microblading services. Our artists create precise brow shapes and use colors that flawlessly fit your face and match your hair color to get you the most desired look.

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