How to Become a Certified and Licensed Microblading Artist?

Thick and naturally looking eyebrows have been the desire of every woman looking to step up her facial game, leading to the rise of microblading as a profession that offers practical solutions to sparse brows. The procedure can also be used to create natural-looking brows, especially for people who underwent treatments such as chemotherapy or those who suffered hair loss due to diseases such as alopecia. 

Due to the procedure’s success, there is a big market gap for technicians to showcase their skills. This article will provide insights into becoming a certified and licensed microblading artist. Read on!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a procedure that involves the filling up of sparse brows with permanent makeup. The process is conducted by making minor cuts on the brow using a razor and filling them with tattoo-grade ink. 

Microblading lasts longer than all other brow procedures since the ink applied is semi-permanent. Your body breaks it down with time, explaining why you must periodically redo your brows to complete the procedure. The microblading procedure is pricey, with the current market rate ranging between $400 and $800. Follow-up sessions are also necessary to finalize the brow shape. 

Becoming a Microblading Artist

Microblading is a fast-growing niche and has the potential to rack in millions of dollars within a financial year. Once you have decided to join this field, below are the crucial steps to follow to become a microblading technician.

Step One: Take a Course

The Microblading journey starts by enrolling in an accredited Microblading course. Currently, there are only two organizations in the world that certify microblading. These are the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), popular in the USA, and The Society of Pigment Professionals (SPCP), popular abroad.

You need to head over to either the AAM or SPCP website, browse their list of accredited microblading courses, and choose your preferred course. Ensure you choose wisely; preferably, go for the ones offering over 100 contact hours.

The topics covered include:

  • Eyebrow designing and facial structure
  • Composition of the skin
  • Procedures for resolving permanent makeup
  • How to choose your needle and equipment
  • Sanitation, sterilization, and safety
  • Essential microblading strokes for eyebrows
  • The theory of color and mixing colors 
  • How to communicate with your clients

Step Two: Get Certified

Upon completing the training course, the next step is preparing for a certification assessment. Follow these steps to pass the evaluation test and get certified.

  • Apprenticeship: Enroll with a local certified technician to hone your skills while getting more contact hours with clients. You can check out AAM or SPCP’s online member list to get a certified technician within your locale.
  • Register for the bloodborne pathogens standard test (BPS): This is a mandatory course for OSHA’s Blood Borne Pathogens compliance. The classes can cost approximately $25 per hour
  • Register with a Microblading Certification Body: Each body (AAM or SPCP) has its charges for registering and sitting for the exam. SPCP charges $310 while AAM charges $250. During registration, the requirements needed include proof of completing microblading and BPS course and photo ID. 
  • Take the exam: Each organization (SPCP and AAM) charges roughly $250 for each exam. As such, ensure you are well-prepared to avoid paying twice. The exam involves tackling 100 multiple-choice questions covering several microblading-related topics. You can review the practice tests on SPCP or AAM websites to boost your confidence before sitting for the exam. 

Step Three: Build Your Business

Congratulations on passing the certification exam! Now it’s time to get a license from the Department of Health. Visit your local Health Department of Health office to inquire about the requirements, application procedures, and the waiting time. 

Also, keep in mind that getting a new business set up and running requires time and patience. While setting up your business, invest in your online presence to market your business and attract clients. You can use photos and videos of your work and the applicable products. 

How To Become a Microblading Artist

Permanent makeup is becoming the go-to solution, making the industry grow exponentially. Microblading has also proven to be a crucial component in propelling the industry to even greater heights. Even though becoming a certified microblading artist demands time and devotion, the result is a creative and flexible career. 

One way to kickstart your career is enrolling with Lisa OM Academy, a reputable permanent makeup school. We teach our courses using certified products while employing world-class techniques and products to ensure we produce qualified artists. You can choose to attend the live or online sessions depending on your schedule and location. Head over to our academy’s website and select your preferred course to kickstart your journey in microblading. 

image credit: megaflopp/shuttershock

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