Designer Nano Brows Training

The skincare industry encompasses a wide variety of services, from treating skin conditions to enhancing appearance. With jobs for skincare professionals expected to grow by nearly 17% through 2029, now is a great time to look into training and certification in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. OM Design Studio’s academy classes offer world-class training in the latest skincare and permanent makeup trends, including the innovative designer nano brows procedure.

What are Designer Nano Brows?

You may have heard of microblading, which is a form of micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup applied to the eyebrows to define shape and color further. Nano brows are completed the same way but using nanoneedles, which are smaller and sharper than those used in the microblading process. The end result is finer pigmentation that more closely resembles natural hair. There are typically two methods for nano brow application:

  • Manual: This method is done completely by hand using a handheld tool to apply the pigment. Some brows may require more frequent touch-ups with the manual method.
  • Machine: This method involves the use of a machine to apply the pigment through a hand device shaped like a pen. In many cases, nano brows are done with a machine for the finer strokes.

How Can Designer Nano Brows Training Benefit You?

Nano brows are only a semi-permanent tattoo because the pigment is placed just under the top layer of skin and requires touch-ups over time because it tends to fade. Because the procedure involves the use of needles and is essentially a tattoo, aestheticians should be appropriately trained and certified in the process for the client’s health and safety. There are many advantages to seeking professional training for permanent makeup services:

  • Get access to state-of-the-art technology for PMU application
  • Learn tricks and tips from leading industry professionals
  • Acquire certification to become a more desirable candidate when searching for employment

Clients seeking nano brows service will be looking specifically for skin care professionals with verifiable designer brows training and certification. Almost just as important as acquiring this training and certification is where you get certified.

Why Should You Choose OM Design Studio for Training?

OM Design Studio is conveniently located in Dallas, but our online courses are available from any location with an internet connection. There are numerous advantages to selecting our academy for your training needs:

  • We provide students with live and online courses to suit their needs. With our live courses, you get guided, hands-on instruction directly from professionals in the industry. With our online courses, you can access the information anywhere. With both, you can also receive our professional kit to use during your training.
  • OM Design Academy was founded by Lisa Om, who has studied under professionals all over the world. She brings her expertise to the courses to ensure you receive quality instruction to help your business and services flourish.
  • You can connect online to other students and professionals in our network to build your knowledge base and industry connections.
  • We are familiar with the regulations for licensing in each state and can provide you with guidance.

Initial training and certification are vital for not only a job search but also in retaining clients. Ongoing training is also necessary to stay up to date on the newest developments with permanent and semi-permanent makeup services. To learn more about our course offerings and professional supplies, contact us at 214-940-0090.

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