Brow Mapping Caliper (Black)



At OM Design Academy, we use only the most effective, highest-quality brow mapping tools to create the perfect shape for microbladed eyebrows. Our goal is to make the best tools available online to all artists. One of our most in-demand tools is our Brow Mapping Caliper. It allows the artist to create a couture design that is unique to the individual. 

What Is Brow Mapping?

Brow mapping is a way to customize each person’s eyebrows to their individual features and style. It prevents a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter result. Understanding the points of the brows and how they relate to the eyes and nose is key to crafting the perfect, symmetrical eyebrow shape. If you wonder how you can achieve symmetry when virtually no one has a completely symmetrical face, keep reading to find out. 

Why Is Measuring Important?

Just like your hair needs shaping to complement your face, so do your brows. Even those born with beautifully shaped brows can benefit from adding definition, ensuring that they don’t extend too far past the inner or outer eye, and enhancing the arch. By measuring, you can make corrections that open up the eye area and give a more polished, youthful, and rested look. Mapping each point in the brow gives the microblading artist the template for outlining your new eyebrows. 

After determining the points and connecting them, you’ll end up with a quadrangle shape that can be filled in to provide the ideal shape. The end result is eyebrows that perfectly enhance your face and accent your eyes based on the location of your features. The artist will add ‘hairs’ that match your natural brow hairs to create eyebrows that are symmetrical and perfectly shaped for you with the ideal thickness and length.

How Do You Map Eyebrows?

Starting with a single point of reference, you can create the illusion of symmetry, no matter how even your other features. The key to getting the ideal shape is to find the three points of the brow: the start, the arch, and the end. The following steps illustrate how to accomplish this:

  1. The starting or inner edge of the brow is directly above the dimple of the nose. 
  2. The arch or the highest point of the brow is in a direct line from the edge of the nose through the pupil. 
  3. The ending or outer edge of the brow is in a direct line from the outer edge of the nose past the outer corner of the eye.

Using these reference points and a brow mapping tool, you can create the template for a customized shape that creates lift, defines the face, and balances asymmetry in the eyes.

Mapping the Starting Point

Using your Eybrow Marking & Shape Drawing Pencil and the Brow Mapping Caliper, position the ruler vertically from the center of the nostril to the center top of the brow line. Mark the spot on the top of the brow with a vertical line. 

Mapping the Arch

Place the ruler vertically at the outside of the iris. Where the ruler intersects the top of your brow line is you mark the spot for the arch. The position is important, as an ideally situated arch visually lifts the brow. The spot measured could vary from the natural arch, but establishing the perfect point will transform your face and give you an elegant, refined, and refreshed look. 

Mapping the End Point

Starting at the edge of the nostril, angle the ruler to pass the outer corner of the eye. The point where the ruler intersects the brow is where you should place the mark for the end of the brow. The endpoint is critical to keep the brows from extending too far out. When overextended, the brows can draw the outer eye down, resulting in a tired or sad expression. 

The Perfect Brow Mapping Tool

Our Brow Mapping Caliper is ideal for microblading and semi-permanent makeup applications. It gives precise measurements for determining the optimal placement of the start, end, and arch points of the brows. This tool comes in black or white and provides the option to measure in inches or millimeters. 

Features and benefits include:

  • Allows easy determination of vertical, horizontal, and angled calculations
  • Easily sanitized
  • Ensures accurate, precise measurements
  • Ideal for microblading, tinting, henna, and semi-permanent makeup
  • Lightweight
  • Provides proper symmetry and sizing
  • Reusable

We hope you’ll find everything here you need to help you with all your microblading needs. To find out more about our OM Design Academy, visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us at Lisa Oh Academy today. 



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