Permanent Eyeliner

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What You Will Learn:

Introduction to Permanent Eyeliner

Sanitation & Sterilization

Bloodborne pathogen


Contradictions & Anesthetics

Pre-procedure Advice

Aftercare Instructions

Eye Anatomy

Color Theory and Pigments

Inorganic & Organic Pigments

Cartridge Needle Theory

Machine Speed Study

Danger Zone

Hand Movement Technique

 3 Eyeliner Style Techniques

Classic No Wing Eyeliner Technique

Classic Winged Eyeliner Technique

Lash Enhancement Technique

Eyeliner Do’s & Don’ts

Eyeliner Color Correcting

Work Station Setup

Eyeliner Step by Step Guide

Business Start-up Tips

Ultimate Checklist

Vendors & Suppliers Information

Marketing and Branding

My Success and Secrets

Industry Secrets & Tricks

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