Vitiligo Lips

Around one percent of the world’s population has vitiligo lips. This dermatological condition isn’t harmful to one’s physical health. However, the visible loss of pigmentation on the lips compromises your appearance.

When left unmanaged, you’ll likely feel judged and less attractive. In addition, your self-esteem can dip, and the fear of judgment can stress you up. Fortunately, with a medical tattoo from LISA OM, you can fix the issue and improve your appearance.

What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition whereby the skin loses its natural pigmentation. The affected parts often have whitish, discolored patches of varying sizes. Vitiligo patches can appear anywhere on the body, not just on the lips.

In particular, skin discoloration from vitiligo appears on your face, hands, arms, and legs. Furthermore, this skin condition can discolor your scalp, feet, and lips — there is no body part that vitiligo cannot affect.

Unfortunately, researchers have not discovered the exact cause of vitiligo. However, they link the condition to an array of factors. These include genetics, autoimmune disorders, bacterial & viral infections, and neurogenic disorders.

How Does Vitiligo Occur on the Lips?

Vitiligo occurs on the lips the same way it occurs on other body parts. This skin condition can start at any age. Notwithstanding, many people notice the signs before they reach the age of 20 years. This discoloration can start suddenly or progress slowly over time.

Common tell-tale signs of vitiligo include:

  • Some areas on your lips get depigmented after sun exposure
  • There is a white patch on your lips
  • The discolored patch irritates when exposed to the sun
  • The hair on the white patch is discolored

The initial signs of vitiligo include small, light-colored spots on the skin. These patches gradually expand, merging with adjacent patches. The discolored patches can remain stable, expand, or even heal.

Treatments for Vitiligo on the Lips

There is no universally effective treatment for vitiligo. Nonetheless, doctors can manage it using various treatment approaches like topical creams and UVB phototherapy to promote re-pigmentation.

Of late, medical tattooing is gaining traction as one of the best treatments for vitiligo. In this method, a tattoo artist camouflages the discolored area with a tattoo whose pigments mimic your natural skin color.

Unlike many treatments, medical tattooing gives visible results in just a few minutes. It is an excellent option when seeking immediate cosmetic improvement with minimal downtime. The medical tattoos also stand out for the following reasons:

  • Minimal side effects. Medical tattoos rank as one of the safest vitiligo treatments. The tattooing process has fewer side effects than treatments like corticosteroids. The only side effects you’d experience include mild discomfort and swelling, which are short-lived.
  • Lasting results. While they are not a permanent fix, the results can endure for several years. Regular touch-up sessions with a skilled practitioner can help maintain the results for a long time.
  • Enhanced quality of life. A medical tattoo from experts will restore your appearance. In turn, you’ll feel more confident and experience a boost of self-esteem.
  • No downtime. There is no downtime associated with medical tattooing for vitiligo. As such, you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment. No taking time off your schedule to recover from this non-invasive procedure.

Trained tattoo artists administer medical tattoos. These skilled professionals work closely with dermatologists and medical personnel to ensure the procedure meets the highest standards of care.

LISA OM Is Here to Help

When it comes to medical tattoos, LISA OM Studio is the number one provider of this service. Our artists have unparalleled skill levels in drawing tattoos that mimic your skin color. Thanks to the sophisticated technology we use.

The state-of-the-art tattooing technology helps us conceal your discolored patch with precision. Contact us at 1-214-940-0090 to schedule a consultation session.

Image Credit: JelenaBekvalac / Shutterstock

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