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Microblading is a popular trend in the beauty industry. To make eyebrows appear thicker and fuller for up to three years, microblading technicians apply hairlike, semi-permanent tattoo strokes to brows. A career as a microblading technician is lucrative, but you need specialized training to perform various brow shaping techniques on clients. If you’re looking for microblading training in Tampa, the OM Design Academy has you covered with a comprehensive program design by master microblading artist Lisa Om. 

Basic Microblading Training Course

You must learn about the different microblading techniques before you can prepare to launch a career. The first step you will take after being accepted into our program is participating in our online training courses. You are free to complete this part of the program at your own pace. These courses cover many different microblading topics to develop the knowledge you need to succeed as a technician. Some of the topics you will cover include:

  • Color theory
  • Powder brows
  • Shading training
  • Manual shading
  • The golden ratio
  • Brow mapping
  • Drawing eyebrows

Advanced Training

Once you have completed the online portion of our training program, it is time to put your knowledge to the test. Knowing how to apply microblading strokes and using a needle to apply them to the skin are two different concepts. The second stage of training involves practicing various techniques on live models. This allows you to work with various skin types and build your portfolio of clients at the same time. Your portfolio will help you draw in new clients once you open your own microblading business, so this is an important step in your training.

During these live classes, you will practice different manual strokes on live models. We keep all of these classes small so that you will receive plenty of one-on-one instruction from your teacher. This approach should make you feel more comfortable working on clients since you know your instructor is paying close attention to your technique and style.

Not only will you learn how to put your microblading knowledge into practice, but you will also learn how to choose the appropriate microblading needle for various situations. Your instructor can answer any questions you have regarding supplies and techniques so that you are prepared to start your career once you graduate from our program and earn a certificate on=f completion.

Why Choose the Microblading Course at the Om Design Academy

The Om Design Academy is one of the best in the business when it comes to microblading certification training. Having studied under 20 different masters from around the globe, Lisa Om is uniquely qualified to impact her knowledge to students. Her combination of hands-on and online training creates a flexible program that meets the needs of specific students. She is also committed to giving each student personal attention to ensure they master each concept.

We do not require our students to have prior knowledge and experience in the microblading industry. If you have no knowledge of microblading practices and techniques, you need to complete all of our training courses to give you the foundation for a successful career. However, if you already have your tattoo artist license, you may already know many of the topics that our training courses cover. We allow you to customize your training program and only enroll in the classes you need. The more courses you take, the more comprehensive your training will be. 

This flexibility has the additional benefit of saving you money on the cost of training. The complete microblading training program at the Om Design Academy is expensive, but the quality of your education is well worth the cost. When you complete the program, you will have all of the skills you need to launch your own career, and because you will already have a portfolio of clients, you do not need to start from scratch like other technicians. We offer unlimited support and continual training so that you can continue to learn about new microblading techniques. This allows you to provide better microblading services to your clients to build your own reputation in the beauty industry.

Becoming a master microblading and permanent makeup artist requires extensive training, but the career is lucrative and will be well worth the price of training. Studying under Lisa Om is a great way to set yourself up for a successful career as a microblading technician. If you are ready to get your tattoo artist license in Tampa and start a microblading career, contact the Om Design Academy today to apply for our microblading training program.