Microblading is a relatively new field within the beauty industry that offers high-paying and rewarding careers. Because microblading involves shaping eyebrows and applying hair-thin, semi-permanent tattoo strokes to make brows appear thicker and fuller, technicians need specialized training to keep clients happy. At the Om Design Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to master this craft under the tutelage of Lisa Om, who has trained in the field all over the globe to learn various techniques. We offer comprehensive microblading training so that you can become a master of the craft and share the knowledge you learn here at the Om Design Academy.

Choose the Right Course

You don’t need to have prior experience to succeed in our classes. Our high-demand classes cover a wide variety of topics, and we have courses designed for every skill level. If you’re just starting out, use our independent online study to learn about skin types and microblading techniques. Our microblading training courses also cover the microblading procedure and teach you how to be a working microblading artist.

Through these classes, you’ll learn how to prevent cross-contamination and apply semi-permanent makeup that looks natural. Our courses cover ombre brows and microblading microshading techniques so that you have the skills to give your future clients optimum results. 

Receive Hands-On Training in Miami 

While internet access makes it easy to study various microblading techniques, it isn’t the same as hands-on experience. When you study at the Om Design Academy, you will use practice skin to try out manual shading. This artificial skin gives our students the chance to put the skills they learned in our online training courses to the test. Before they practice on live models, we want to make sure they are comfortable working with different skin textures. To earn your microblading certification, you must be comfortable working with any type of skin.

Once you have mastered manual shading on practice skin, you will graduate to live models. While you may understand how to apply manual strokes in theory, it is much different in practice, and you need to be comfortable working with clients with various needs before you can master the skill of microblading. Under the careful eye of an instructor, you will learn how to do touch-ups and practice various types of microblading shapes on live models. You will also learn how to communicate with clients and meet their specific needs for microblading.

Learn From the Best

If you’re ready to start a successful new career in the beauty industry, microblading is a great choice. You will need special training, however, and it is important to choose the right instructor. The Om Design Academy has taught many microblading technicians who have built incredible careers and share all the knowledge that they have learned under the tutelage of Lisa Om.

Our blend of online training courses and hands-on learning gives our students the skills they need to become masters of eyebrow microblading. Upon completing our comprehensive courses, you will earn a certificate of completion acknowledging that you studied under Lisa Om and have the skills necessary to pursue your own career.

Training with us also provides you with the opportunity to build a client portfolio before you earn your certificate of completion. When you practice on live models, you will add photos of your work to your portfolio. This means that you graduate with a complete portfolio rather than build one as you are starting your career.

Microblading classes are expensive, but they are worth the cost. The career is lucrative and flexible so that you can cover the cost of your training quickly. We never want you to feel as if you are spending unnecessary money on learning a new career skill, so we allow you to take individual classes if you have prior microblading experience and just want to brush up on new techniques. If you want to become a master microblading artist, we are committed to helping you.

If you want the opportunity to learn the art of microblading from a master trainer, join the Om Design Academy to study under Lisa Om. After training in her comprehensive class structure, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to pursue a wide variety of microblading employment opportunities. We have the perfect microblading training in Miami to help you launch a successful and rewarding career, so contact us to get a jump start on becoming a talented microblading technician. Whether you just need a single microblading training course or want to take our comprehensive program, we can help you improve on your artistry. 

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