Powder Brows

Grooming eyebrows consumes much time in your morning routine. You have to map out a desired eyebrow shape and carefully shade it to complement your beauty. On average, you’d spend at least ten minutes getting the job done.

Fortunately, LISA OM offers powdered brows for those looking to save time. With powder brows, you’ll be waking up with perfect brows. This semi-permanent procedure makes your eyebrows appear well-filled and fuller-looking. See why so many customers love power brows today!

What are Powdered Brows?

Powdered brows are a semi-permanent makeup technique used to enhance eyebrow appearance. In this procedure, a makeup artist uses a specialized machine to apply pigments onto the skin of the eyebrows.

You get eyebrows with a soft, powdered effect after a successful procedure. The inner part of the brow is wider, and it gradually transitions to a narrower size towards the tail. This gradient mimics the natural growth of eyebrows.

The eyebrow enhancement from powder brows can last up to three years. With such longevity, you will save the valuable time you could have spent shaping and filling eyebrows. Regular activities like showering won’t compromise the powder brows.

Powdered Brows vs Ombre Brows

The powdered and Ombre brows cosmetic techniques have a striking resemblance. Both use the same tattooing procedure to enhance the appearance of your brow.

How long do powder brows last? The results of Ombre and powder brows last for around three years.

Nonetheless, the mentioned brow designs vary in appearance. Ombre brows give your eyebrows a gradient effect. The brows start lighter at the inner corners and darken towards the tail.

On the contrary, powder brows have a denser and filled-in appearance. The powder brows look like they have been filled with a brow pencil. Many people top for powder brows if they want a darker look to their eyebrows or to conceal blemishes or scars in that area.

Who can Benefit from Powder Brows?

Powder brows are great for everyone seeking semi-permanent brow makeup. The technique gives your eyebrows a well-groomed appearance that requires little maintenance. Your brows will maintain their new appearance for at least two years.

Although anyone can benefit from powder brows, the cosmetic procedure is ideal for individuals with sparse brows.

The tattooing fills the brows, giving them a denser and well-groomed appearance.

The powder brows cosmetic procedure is safe for every skin type. It does not involve cuts or deep skin punctures that cause pain or increase the risk of infection. In addition, makeup artists use hypoallergenic pigments to give your eyebrows a new look.

What to Expect When You Get Powder Brows

After an initial appointment, your makeup artist will apply a numbing cream on your brows. As its name hints, this cream will minimize discomfort during tattooing. After numbing the brows, your tattoo artist will outline your desired brow shape.

Once the mapping is complete, the artist uses a tattoo machine as a handheld tool to apply pigment to your brow skin. Typically, the process takes around two hours, from mapping to refining the eyebrow design.

Right after the eyebrow enhancement, the shade will appear darker than anticipated. However, that shouldn’t be a concern since the shade will fade to the desired hue. The pigment takes four to six weeks to settle in.

Powder Brows by Lisa OM

LISA OM is the unrivaled designer of Powder brows in Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami. We boast of skilled makeup artists with a wealth of experience in permanent makeup. These experts understand that everyone has unique facial features.

As such, we use a custom-tailored approach to design your brow. Before undergoing the tattooing process, we discuss the beauty goals you desire. We use this information, coupled with our creativity, to design eyebrows that complement your beauty.

Contact us at LISA OM to learn more about the powder brows procedure and what other options could best suit your beauty needs.

Image Credit: Konstantin Goldenberg/ Shutterstock

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