Ombre Brows

Ombre brows are one of the most popular semi-permanent lash enhancement procedures. This eyebrow shading technique enhances the shape and looks of your eyebrows, improving your facial appearance.

Besides eyelash enhancement, Ombre brows stand out since their shade lasts several months. As such, this beauty procedure eliminates the hassle of grooming eyebrows every morning. Learn what Ombre Brows are fromLISA OM, the leading makeup artist for Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami customers.

What Are Ombre Brows?

Ombre Brows is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that enhances eyebrow appearance. In this technique, a beauty expert uses a small machine to apply thin dots of pigment to the eyebrow skin.

At the end of the end of this beauty procedure, you get polished, well-shaped eyebrows. The eyebrows often have a lighter hue at the part near the center of your face. The shade gets darker towards the eyebrow’s tail.

Ombre Brows and Their Benefits

The results of Ombre Brow shading can last for up to three years. As such, this brow enhancement procedure saves the time needed to design eyebrows more often. Moreover, the long-lasting effect minimizes the expense of maintaining perfectly shaded eyebrows.

Ombre Brow shading is safe for nearly everyone, including those with oily and sensitive skin. The reason is that the pigments used are generally hypoallergenic. These pigments won’t trigger adverse reactions.

Moreover, the procedure is carried out by skilled beauticians. The makeup artists adhere to strict hygiene and safety protocols. They offer the Ombre brows procedure in a sterile environment to reduce the risk of infection.

Ombre brows are low maintenance. You only need to clean and moisturize your brows to look good. No wonder Ombre brows are an appealing option for individuals seeking a hassle-free solution for beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading vs Ombre Brows

Although they serve a similar role, Microblading and Ombre brows have many differences. The major difference comes in the final result you get. Microblading makes your eyebrows look natural, soft, fluffy, and fuller using hair-like strokes.

On the contrary, Ombre brows give your brows a defined appearance using shading or stippling techniques similar to that of brows filled with an eyebrow pencil. This lash enhancement procedure is great for someone who wishes to correct their eyebrow symmetry.

Beyond the finish, Microblading differs from Ombre brows in regards to longevity.

Microblading lasts up to 30 months, while the results of Ombre brows last up to 36 months. Note that the longevity of both procedures depends on your skin type.

What to Expect During an Ombre Shading Appointment

During an Ombre Shading appointment, your beauty artist will help you choose the most ideal eyebrow design. Afterward, a LISA OM technician will enhance your eyebrows.

The beautician will apply a numbing cream on the eyebrows. This cream will help minimize discomfort during the procedure. After numbing the eyebrows, the beauty technician at LISA OM will outline the desired brow design.

They will deposit tiny dots of pigment into your eyebrow skin using a small machine. The technician will leverage their creativity to tattoo eyebrows that reflect the visualized design. The enhancement procedure can take up to two hours.

After completing the procedure, your beautician will give aftercare instructions. Follow them so you do not compromise the final result. It takes four to six weeks to heal and for the pigment to settle.

Ombre Brows by Lisa OM

The results of Ombre Shading depend on the artist handling the procedure. A proficient one has a keen eye for design, color blending, and precision. These skilled artists will tattoo your eyebrows to complement your facial appearance.

In Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles, LISA OM is the leading provider of Ombre Brows. We have highly experienced beauty artists with keen attention to detail. Our makeup artists will shade your eyebrows to reflect the final result you have in mind.

Contact us to schedule your Ombre brow shading procedure.

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