Digital PMU Machine Cartridge


Compatible with the Digital PMU Machine Device

  • 1R Needle
  • .25 mm
  • Sterile
  • Individually Packaged
  • Marked with Lot # and Expiry Date

All artists understand the importance of having quality tools. In painting, the brush determines the effect, texture, color saturation, and ultimately, the quality of the finished product. The same is true for the microblading artist and their needles. Understanding and choosing the different types of permanent makeup needles and cartridges is vital to producing beautiful, natural-looking permanent makeup. 

Understanding Permanent Makeup Needles 

Just like paintbrushes, microblading needles and cartridges come in many different types depending on the technique you want to achieve. They vary in size, shape, number of points, and spacing. This lets you customize the effect for every client. Let’s look at some of the variations.

Needle Size

Permanent makeup needles are sized by diameter or the thickness of the needle in millimeters. Thinner blades are sharper than thicker blades. Different sizes are needed for varying techniques and skin types. For example:

  • .18mm (nano)- Best for thin skin and very fine in-between strokes.
  • .20mm-.22mm- Best for most average skin and strokes. 
  • .25mm- Best for thick skin and creating thicker hair strokes.

Needle Taper

The taper describes the needlepoint, from short to extra long. The longer the taper, the smaller the puncture.

Needle Configuration

The configuration describes how the needles are grouped or the shape of the cluster, one of the most important aspects of a permanent makeup needle. In general, the thinner the needles, the closer they are placed together. 

  • Round needles are the ideal choice for light shading and lining. Round needles in small needle counts are best for clear and close lines and detailed shading, while large needle counts work best for more dramatic details or for larger areas like filling lips or eyebrows. Round needles are denoted with an R in the description.
  • Flat needles have a straight-line configuration, allowing them to carry and apply more pigment in one pass. They create darker lines and can cover more area than round needles. Flat needles are denoted with an F in the description.
  • Cartridge needles are used in permanent makeup machines. They are highly desirable and widely used due to their many advantages:
    • They are disposable, ensuring a hygienic treatment.
    • They allow for quick setup compared to standard permanent makeup needles.
    • They have a reservoir for the pigment so that you can work for long stretches without interruption. 

Needle Count

This number represents the number of needles in the grouping or configuration. The needle count is important as it is how you ensure the pigment is deposited efficiently and evenly. The count generally corresponds to the size of the detail, with smaller needle counts preferable for finer details and vice versa. The numbers before the R or F denote the needle count.

Now that you understand the different aspects, you should easily be able to decode the needle description. For instance, 5R – .03mm: the description tells you that there are five needles of .03 diameter in a round configuration.

Choosing High-Quality Needles and Cartridges

Needle selection is vitally important to the quality of your work. If you’ve ever noticed that the pigment is not spreading evenly or the strokes don’t seem as clear as they should, you may have inadvertently chosen a poor-quality needle or cartridge. At OM Design Academy, we recommend only the highest quality selections with safety and cost-effectiveness in mind. Here are our picks for the best permanent makeup needles and cartridges.

OMD Wireless Machine Safety Membrane Needle

This cartridge works with the Silver Series and Midnight Series of the OMD Wireless Machine device. It contains ten pieces that provide superior ink flow. It offers the advantage of adjustable needle length in a transparent safety membrane that protects against backflow contamination. The EO sterilized cartridges are individually wrapped for additional safety.  

Black Pearl II Cartridge

Specifically designed for use with the Black Pearl II Machine device. These ten-count sterile cartridges are individually wrapped and marked with the lot number and expiration date. You can choose between 1, 3, or 5 needle counts in .25 or .30mm.

Digital PMU Machine Cartridge

These cartridges are compatible with the Digital PMU Machine device. They are sterile and individually wrapped in lots of 10. Each cartridge is clearly marked with the lot number and expiration date. They come in needle counts of 1, 3, or 5 in .25 or .30mm.

Tag 45 Topical Anesthetic Gel

While the needles and cartridges are critical for the final result, you must also keep your client’s comfort in mind. Keeping the pain and swelling down with anesthetic gel ensures your client stays still and pain-free while swelling is kept to a minimum in your work area.  

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