Microblading U-Blades (Pack of 20)

  • Each pack contains 25 blades
  • Available in your choice of 18U Nano and 18U
  • 100% Disposable
  • Sterile
  • Fits all types of Microblading Pen

Individually packed. For disposable use only. Flexible cover blades needle. Excellent stability, less vibration. High quality blade is made of surgical medical grade stainless steel, sterilized by ethylene oxide(E.O.) gas. Dimension, 21.16mm x 0.16mm. Finest blade to ensure every stroke is most realistic. Complies with government sterilization guidelines. Superior quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.

Create crisp, clean hair stokes (available in your choice 18U Flex 0.25mm or 18U Nano 0.16mm

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Microblading is a growing beauty trend that involves filling in eyebrows with precise, hair-thin lines to make them look fuller and more defined. Microblade technicians can build lucrative careers with this type of semi-permanent makeup, but as will any art form, they need the right tools to create gorgeous eyebrows. Both new and experienced makeup artists may have trouble deciding which microblading needles to use to keep their clients happy.

Which Blade Is Best for Microblading?

There are several microblading blades to choose from, and while they look almost identical, they have different uses. The best microblading blade is the one you are most comfortable with, but you may also want to use different types of needles to create different effects. It is important to remember that thin blades are the sharpest and maybe better for creating crisp, precise lines. If you are trying to create different effects, consider using the following types of needles.

    • Needles with bigger angles to outline and fill brows or make long hair strokes
    • Curved needles for curved strokes
    • Needles with small angles for short strokes and touch-ups

For best results, you want to have a collection of microblading needles to choose from to customize each procedure to meet your client’s individual needs. Make sure every blade you buy is durable and high-quality, such as the ones offered by OM Design Academy. 

How Much Are the Blades for Microblading?

OM Design Academy carries sets of disposable microblading needles. Not only do these microblading u-blades help you stay sanitary during the procedure, but it also allows you to buy the items you need in bulk for an affordable price. The cost per pack varies depending upon the type of needle, but you can expect to spend approximately $35 on a pack of 20 durable blades.

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Feathering?

Microblading and feathering are similar procedures but use different types of needles. Microblading needles are slightly thicker. They are used to redefine and fill eyebrows so that they look thicker and fuller. Feathering is the same basic procedure but is used on people who have naturally thick brows with a few sparse areas. These needles are thinner to allow for small, feather-like hair strokes. OM Design Academy sells both microblading and feathering needles so that you can keep both types of blades on hand to better serve your clients. Browse our selection to find the high-quality blades you need to build a successful business as a microblading technician.

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