Clear Multifunctional Tattoo Pen (Pack of 10)


Microblading Tools (does not include blade)
Our clear multifunctional tattoo pen is our recommendation for microblade artists of all levels. The stylus is disposable, so there is never any chance of cross-contamination. It also removes concerns of the material breaking down over multiple rounds of sterilization. You simply pull a new handle out for each client.
Each box contains ten sterile, individually wrapped handles, making this a highly safe, reliable, and economical choice. These microblading handle sets can fit any blade (sold separately). They are composed of strong but lightweight material. Since the artist must feel confident in their grip and dexterity, the microblading handle is critical for creating the ideal permanent eyebrow.

  • Clear handle (Stylus)

Simply choose your favorite handle, favorite tip, assemble and you’re ready to go!

Disposable Microblading Stylus (Handle) Box of 10

  • Sterile and Individually Packaged
  • Includes Lot # and Expiry Date
  • CLEAR handle
  • Ultra High Quality
  • Each Box Contains 10 Handles
  • Handles Only (Tips Sold Separately)

These microblading handle sets are in high demand for everyone, from training artists to seasoned professionals. They are convenient for keeping your supplies stocked, as the individually packaged, sterile tools are client-ready. Order today while supplies are available, so you don’t risk running out.

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Permanent makeup is a great way to make people feel beautiful without going through a lengthy application process every day. However, even among permanent makeup options, one technique stands out: microblading. This process offers full-looking brows for up to 18 months and can be customized to clients’ hair color and brow shape.

Of course, to offer microblading, you need the right tools. That’s why OM Design Academy offers top-quality microblading pens.

What Are Microblading Pens?

Microblading pens are the preferred tool for microblading. They’re the size of a regular pen, making them easy to hold and maneuver when working on a client.

Some pens come in two parts: the stylus and the blade. The stylus contains a cross-section at the tip where the blade can be installed, allowing you to pair your preferred blades and handles. Other microblading pens come as one unit, with the blade pre-installed.

Why Are High-Quality Microblading Tools Important?

Artists need the proper tools, especially when they’re working with permanent makeup. A proper microblading pen should do the following:

  • Feel good in your hand
  • Respond to slight adjustments
  • Deliver consistent work

When you have the best tools, you can work quickly and confidently with minimal risk of mistakes. For that, your clients will thank you.


Because microblading breaks the skin, hygiene is essential to clients’ health. A well-made microblading pen should handle sterilization well or be designed for disposal to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.


While numbing procedures make pain during microblading practically nonexistent, there’s still a chance of clients experiencing discomfort. You can mitigate this by working quickly and efficiently. Of course, to do so, you need a reliable pen that can deliver even 2 hours into the procedure.

Why Get Your Microblading Tools From OM Design Academy?

There’s no shortage of beauty tool suppliers, even where permanent makeup is concerned. However, OM Design Academy has competitors beat with our dedication to quality and customer service.

When people seek out permanent makeup, they want to walk away feeling confident. Our products provide the control you need to tattoo fine details and create the look clients dream of. 

Founded by an esteemed architectural designer, OM Design Academy products achieve a balance between function and art. You can always count on our tools to perform, as they’re rigorously tested before reaching our store. If you’re interested in learning more about OM Design Academy’s services and products, you can give us a call at 214-940-0090 or contact Lisa Oh Academy online.

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